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The Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera was born on January 1, 2013 to respond to a new social reality, and to do so with a new vision.

Our environment changes; a new social conscience emerges, and new needs and new ambitions also emerge. That's why we reinvent ourselves, but without losing the essence of what we are: a Foundation that believes in ethics and innovation, believes in proximity and dynamism, and that wants to transform into actions the commitment to the territory and its people. Doing different things but, above all, doing them in a different way, and guaranteeing that we are also an economically sustainable entity.

We are new and we want to be unique. Because we are at the service of a country that is also unique, because of the richness of its natural heritage, because of the creativity of its culture, and because of the generosity and solidarity of its people. Our mission is to work proactively for the development and social transformation of Catalonia, placing ourselves next to those who need us, entrepreneurs, those who work for the future, those who create new ideas.

The La Pedrera building, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the headquarters and lighthouse of the Foundation.


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