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The theater was born as a space where the works of the Flyhard Company were programmed, a space where a work could be on the poster without an exit date, with a more or less fixed team of actors, a dramatist and headmaster, etc. Flyhard activity has been transformed from company to producer in recent years, we wanted to maintain the involvement as producer in all the works that are scheduled, but we have opened the door to many creators (and the artistic teams with whom they have counted , from actors to set designers) that, within the marked and recognizable line of the Flyhard, have enormously enriched the room as a content creator.

Throughout the year we receive many texts and projects that can be programmed and / or produced. Some are unpublished texts, others, projects already started, with a closed team. Of these, we choose those that may interest us, whether to do productions or to read (which is the way we have to meet new authors and test how they breathe their work). Apart from the material that we receive directly by email, we also order texts from authors who interest us, with whom we have already worked or from whom we have some reference. Apart from that we like the texts or projects individually, we think about the season as a whole, we look for coherence and balance, with authors of different profiles, varied subjects, but at the same time coherent, etc. Our obsession is to maintain the brand of the house but without ceasing to surprise, first to ourselves and then to the spectators.

Beyond who and how, we are interested in what. Ours is a theater of stories, stories, we are interested in the viewer is immersed in a story for an hour and a half, feel participatory, forget that is in the theater and be excited, reflect, have fun and be interested with the story that we are explaining.

In 2015 we received the Prize of the Critic of Barcelona as Best Theater Hall.


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