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Our trip began in 1992 when, after the lack of spaces to represent their shows Julio Álvarez and Víctor Suañez, former members of the historic U de Cuc group decided to open a small room, which adopts the name of the street where it is located, Tantarantana, becoming thus in the third room that presents shows focused on the little ones.

Since that October 1992, up to the present, the room has undergone several stages, changes that can be summarized in two:

- The creation on Tantarantana Street of a space of 140 m2 with a capacity of 60-80 spectators and intended for the representation of children's shows. The program focused on shows related to the world of the puppet and mostly of own production and accompanied by related proposals mainly from the city itself. Once the family programming has been consolidated, it is decided to open the possibility to schedule shows for adult audiences.

-In 1996 both programs are so consolidated that the room of the Born has become too small and the Tantarantana moves to its current location on the street of Les Flors in the Raval neighborhood, a building that had covered various types of business, the most remembered an umbrella factory.

Currently Tantarantana Theater has a space of 380m2 with a capacity of 125 spectators (before the last reform was 145) and a larger stage, which has allowed it to consolidate as a producer.


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