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A great gift: from the album to the book - Special price!

Promotion valid until 30/12/2021

A great gift: from the album to the book - Special price!

Your memories are jewels. Where do you keep them? If you do not want your memory to be lost, now is the time. All lives deserve to be explained

We all have more than one photo album at home. Now it's about looking at it and evoking all the memories we keep in our heads to turn them into a well-written book. An editorial in Barcelona proposes to help us write the book of our life, family or company.

Explain your experience, communicate your way of living, leave a written legacy for the new generations, say what you have always wanted to say. Memorias Ediciones will send you a biographer home and after a few conversations will send you an original that you can read and correct before editing it. If your hobby is writing and you do not get what you propose, the editorial helps you advising you in the process until you get it.

One of the most unique products offered with discounts on the Laie customer card: the memoirs and biographies of the publisher Memorias Ediciones.


Indicating that you have the Laie card you will get a discount of between 300 and 600 euros (depending on the type of book)

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