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Laie 30/12/2019

Isaac Asimov's first century

This year will be a hundred years since the birth of an extraordinary writer: Isaac Asimov, due to the extension of his work (with hundreds of texts of literary creation and divulgation of the most diverse branches of knowled...

Laie 17/12/2019

Gameplay. Video Game Culture

CCCB, December 19th 2019 — August 30th 2020 Imagine someone who has never played a video game. Even this hypothetical person would be able to recognize icons and other expressions linked to this leisure activity. Gameplay i...

Laie 11/12/2019

Històries de regals

Els regals són més que simples regals; si en reps un dels Reis d’Orient és perquè t’has portat bé, oi? En aquest cas, seria la recompensa a canvi d’un ‘sacrifici’ (fer els deures de l’escola o endreçar regularment l’habitació...

Laie 04/12/2019

This Christmas... give Design

Selection of original and exclusive ideas to give thanks to local and international design studios and workshops, without losing sight of the classics that always succeed.

Laie 04/12/2019

This Christmas... give children reading

Children's books for the whole family? Yes, you will never tire of sharing them with the smallest people in the house. Spectacular illustrations and current topics to broaden their worldview.

Laie 04/12/2019

This Christmas... give Art

From the medieval pantocrator of San Climent de Taüll to the always controversial Jeff Koons, giving away is very easy! Exclusive proposals for all ages and all tastes.

Laie 04/12/2019

The art of giving with Laie

The gift tradition is found in all cultures and at all times, often with a small repertoire of options linked to very specific celebrations. Never as now, however, have the chances of giving something multiplied so much, and...

Anna 03/12/2019

Curs Booktubers: influencers literaris

Què vol dir ser booktuber? La Mixa és blogger literària, booktuber i una de les responsables del curs “Booktubers: influencers literaris”. Aquest curs gratuït, dirigit a joves entre 10 i 17 anys, va comptar amb una sessió int...