May 2, 2019

Primera Persona Festival 2019

Primera Persona Festival 2019

Primera Persona Festival 2019. CCCB May 10-11th

We start to prepare the books of the Primera Persona Festival from the moment the first participants are announced.

Anti-fascism, transsexuality, the evolution of urban culture, the survival of the rural world, mental illness ... these are some of the issues that will be discussed in the new edition of the Primera Persona Festival, based on the vital experience of this year’s guests, among them Mark Bray, Emil Ferris, Nik Cohn, María Sánchez, Peter Hook, Brett Anderson, Mala Rodríguez, etc.

Here you have the bibliographical selection that the Laie CCCB booksellers team has produced.

Author: Laie



Damià 07/05/2019



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