March 5, 2020

Son. Àneu Valleys Imprints

Son. Àneu Valleys Imprints

National Museum of Art of Catalonia, from March 12 to December 31, 2020

This intervention by Oriol Vilapuig has as its protagonist the valleys of Àneu. The artist applies the technique of grattagge in the baptismal and oil piles of the churches of these valleys, giving visibility to the low reliefs that are sculpted.

Inside the Romanesque rooms of the MNAC we will find a space specially built for this exhibition. There we can find different forms that Vilapuig makes appear with the grattagge technique, which allows the images to appear by contact, not by representation. All these forms are linked to the nature present in the territory of the valleys of Àneu.

Below you will find the bibliography related to this exhibition.

Author: Laie