July 6, 2020

Camera and city

Camera and city
Caixaforum Madrid, from July 8th to October 12th 2020
From the Pompidou Center collections in dialogue with photographs and film material from Spanish collections, the exhibition traces the history of the fruitful relationship between the city and the camera. This simultaneous birth generated, throughout the twentieth century, a series of correspondences that gave rise to a specific genre in the history of the photographic medium: street photography.
The exhibition revolves around various problems, visible through the mix of historical photographs, such as the iconic series "Paris by night" by Brassaï, the surrealist prints by Cartier-Bresson, together with contemporary works such as Philippe-Lorca diCorcia's projects or Barbara Probst.
Below you can consult the bibliography related to this exhibition.

Author: Laie




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