June 28, 2019

"This never, ever happened": Stonewall 50 years

"This never, ever happened": Stonewall 50 years

This never, ever happened. They were angrier than I guess they had ever been, because everybody else had rioted... but the fairies were not supposed to riot... no group had ever forced cops to retreat before, so the anger was just enormous."

The Stonewall Inn revolt turns 50 on June 28 and these words by Bob Kohler underscore the exceptional nature of the events. For the first time a group of trans, gays and lesbians fought against the impunity of the "forces of order" and the laws that sealed the discrimination.

Since then, the fight for the freedoms and rights of the LGBT+ community has reached all corners of the planet: many countries have progressed in recognition and equality, but in many others the repressive laws are still in force, including the death penalty.

The selection of books that we propose includes the most significant new releases on LGBT+, to understand the evolution of these 50 years and what's the current situation.


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